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Clear Glossy Adhesive Vinyl

Papilio Clear Glossy Vinyl

Papilio's Inkjet Glossy Clear Vinyl is intended for use in dye based printers and comes in 2 dimensions; standard letter size (8.5" x 11") and also tabloid, (11" x 17"). Each sheet features a clear, glossy finish and permanent adhesive - ideal for indoor applications. When combined with our Waterproof Over Laminate sheets (WOL9512), or UV Laminate spray (LLA5000) this item can be afforded some water resistance as well as some protection against sun damage and fading. Approximately 3 mil thick (3/1000"), these sheets may be printed on directly by a wide variety of dye based printers to produce stunning picture clarity and color vibrancy. Installing these sheets is a simple process and is a peel and stick application. Simply peel the clear vinyl off of the liner / backing sheet and apply to your surface.

Applications include (but are surely not limited to):

Labels; permanent window decorations; bumper stickers; candle making; glass decals and more!

Printer Compatibility:

Dye-based inkjet printers

Frequently Asked Questions about the glossy clear vinyl:

Is this material gloss or matte finish?

This material is presently only available as a glossy clear finish. Using an Over Laminate sheet, such as Papilio's Poly Focus Matte (PFM) can give this media a matte finish. As an alternative to laminate sheets, we also offer an aerosol version, UV Over Laminate Spray (LLA5000).

Is this item usable outdoors??

By itself, this media is not rated for outdoor use. When the printed image comes in contact with water, it will wash right off, ruining the image. Using a laminate sheet, such as Papilio's Waterproof Over Laminate (WOL) or aerosol version, (LLA5000) you can add a degree of waterproofing to the material that will allow it to be used in outdoor applications.

Is this material 100% clear?

Very close, though it may appear to have a slight opaque finish which would make it unfair to call it "crystal clear". This opaqueness is not very noticeable and as such, the material is still referred to as "clear".

How long might a printed design be expected to last in the sun?

This will be entirely dependent upon the ink used to print the image. Pigment and solvent inks last much longer than dye-based inks and coupled with a laminate, may last for months at a time, particularly after being coated with our LLA5000 UV Laminate spray.