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Papilio Made In USA Decal Paper Production News

Papilio Texas made in the USA waterproof inkjet printable vinyl.

October 2017

New Decal Product. Polyfocus Removable Glossy Laminate is now available with removable adhesive. Ideal decal film or material for temporary production or to use as protective film for machine or electronics or manufacturing masks.

October 2017 Improved Inkjet Holographic Film.

Inkjet holographic effect film, rainbow of colors in one label. After 6-7 years of product development we now offer the holographic with new crystal clear inkjet coating and no seams or lines in the finish. Intended for dye based inkjet printing. This unique inkjet decal paper is now better than ever and made in the USA.

September 2017 New Die-Cut templates for the Label Helper

We added several new templates for our free label printing software

July 2017 Textured Adhesive Laminate

Ideal laminate for floor graphics. Textured anti skid substrate. Built in UV production block 99.75% of UV A&B light. *Adhesive laminate also known as peel and stick film or laminate) Adhesive laminate is also sometimes referred to as cold laminate as heat is not needed to activate glue and sometimes is the case when using hot roll laminating machine. 

October 2016 2017  24" Rolls

By popular demand we are offering the Waterproof Inkjet Vinyl in rolls. Increase your productivity bay printing you bumper stickers and production labels on you medium format printer and then cut up to final sizes.

August  2016 Permanent Adheseve Inkjet Rolls.

The inkjet adhesive vinyl with permanent adhesive now available on rolls.

June 2016  Clear Waterproof Adhesive Film

Adhesive clear water-resistant (waterproof) adhesive film (peel and stick decal paper)

February 2016 New formula Water Decal Paper For Laser Printers. 

New thinner water decal paper for laser printers, 60% thickness of our original water slide decal paper.  This thinner paper is ideal where it is most important to make the decal conform to the substrate and almost disappear when applied by skilled artisian.


Most of the Papilio ™ decal paper and film offered here on this website is made in the USA by HPS LLC.

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