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Papilio Decal Paper Production News

Papilio Texas made in the USA waterproof inkjet printable vinyl.

October 2017

New Decal Product. Polyfocus Removable Glossy Laminate is now available with removable adhesive. Ideal decal film or material for temporary production or to use as protective film for machine or electronics or manufacturing masks.

October 2017 Improved Inkjet Holographic Film.

Inkjet holographic effect film, rainbow of colors in one label. After 6-7 years of product development we now offer the holographic with new crystal clear inkjet coating and no seams or lines in the finish. Intended for dye based inkjet printing. This unique inkjet decal paper is now better than ever and made in the USA.

September 2017 New Die-Cut templates for the Label Helper

We added several new templates for our free label printing software

July 2017 Textured Adhesive Laminate

Ideal laminate for floor graphics. Textured anti skid substrate. Built in UV production block 99.75% of UV A&B light. *Adhesive laminate also known as peel and stick film or laminate) Adhesive laminate is also sometimes referred to as cold laminate as heat is not needed to activate glue and sometimes is the case when using hot roll laminating machine.

October 2016 2017  24" Rolls

By popular demand we are offering the Waterproof Inkjet Vinyl in rolls. Increase your productivity bay printing you bumper stickers and production labels on you medium format printer and then cut up to final sizes.

August  2016 Permanent Adhesive Inkjet Rolls.

The inkjet adhesive vinyl with permanent adhesive now available on rolls.

June 2016  Clear Waterproof Adhesive Film

Adhesive clear water-resistant (waterproof) adhesive film (peel and stick decal paper)

February 2016 New formula Water Decal Paper For Laser Printers.

New thinner water decal paper for laser printers, 60% thickness of our original water slide decal paper.  This thinner paper is ideal where it is most important to make the decal conform to the substrate and almost disappear when applied by skilled artisian.

November 2015 New Polyfocus Laminate

New laminate (film adhesive over-laminate) Out UV protective Polyfocus Laminate made in the USA is now available in matte finish.  For applications when you need non glare finish and UV production. Block 99.75 of the A & B UV rays energy from reaching the ink or toner.

June  2015  Water Applied (Water Slide Decals for RC Planes 7 Cars)

New strong flexible film that will hold up to RC fuel and oil.

May 2015

Contouring white waterproof inkjet vinyl. Inkjet printable waterproof  self adhesive (peel and stick) Made in USA and coated and converted for inkjet use by HPS LLC Texas.

April 2015

We added clear permanent adhesive vinyl to our Blue Line Laser printable vinyl media.

September 2014

Static Cling for inkjet printers.  New and improved clear static cling film and now on thinner backing paper (liner) Improved static cling properties and faster drying clear inkjet film.

August 2014

Over 18 years ago HPS LLC (papilio paper) manufactured clear water slide decal paper on blue tinted base paper for Alps printers (resin ribbon printers that offered white ink capability)  on blue base paper. Now again we make this paper available for the new generation of laser printers that can print with white tone.

July 2014

New inkjet adhesive backlit film, or peel and stick film. backlit film is a frosted semi-opaque film intended to display graphics images and logos by the mean of light source behind the artwork.

May 2014

New improved holographic inkjet printable film. Permanent adhesive.

January 2014

Glossy white waterproof polyester film. Permanent adhesive.

October 2013

The Ci67. Bake on laser water-slide decal paper. In 2016 this paper has been replaced with updated product PASZ and PAZW

October 2013

Improved clear inkjet coating for our clear film product. Better printability for dye Based ink and pigmented black as well as hybrid inks.

September 2013

Water resistant clear adhesive film. Clear water resistant decal film peel and stick. Med in USA for HPS LLC.

August 2013

Label helper forum.

June 2013

Due to popular demand we have now the white (indoor) glossy vinyl back in stock. New and improved adhesive and liner.

February 2013

Due to popular demand we are now again offering the Soft Formua Water Decal Paper for color laser printers. PAS/N

January 2012

Our WVF or Waterproof Inkjet Vinyl is now available in rolls 12" wide on a 2" core.

December 2011

Custom die cut label stock.

Aptil 18th 2011

Decal talk Forum

April 2011 Label Helper Version 4.0.2

Download at www.labelhelper.com 

November 2010

Sheet cut for the popular Cricut cutter. We have now many ofour popular media ready in 12"x12' for the Cricut machine.

July 2010

Polyfocus laser printable film.

June 2010

Improved and still made in the USA water decal paper, water slide decal film for inkjet printers.


InkFreze drying powder for clear decal paper to help ink drying.

April 2009

Dura-Decal Water slide decal on thinner backi paper and Colored Gummed Decal Paper for the paper arts and crafts.

March 2009

New type of water slide decal for pigment based ink and solvent based ink such as the Epson Dura-Brite tm

Ideal waterslide decal paper to make permanent waterproof deals using the Epson Dura-Brite tm printer or any other solvent based inkjet printer. This paper is compatible with any clear solvent based industrial and automotive clear finish. Ideal for fishing rods, bikes, motorcycles, automobile decorations,

February 2009
Waterproof inkjet vinyl on Roll 36" Wide and 100 feet long
Back-lit (back lit) waterproof film on roll 36" wide and 100 feet long

New November 2008

Blue Line Laser New media for laser printers. Clear and white static cling.

New May 2007
New Aerosol LLA6000 Over-Laminate for paper laser output.

New December 2006
New waterproof inkjet vinyl now available with removable adhesive.

September 2006
Improved Inkjet Rub On transfer paper.

August 2006
LLA5000 Aerosol spray. New UV Protective spray for all Inkjet printed media.
March 2006
We have added several new product since October 2003.

October 2003
Ultra Cling Polyester Optically
Clear Film
Inkjet Back Lit Film with Adhesive backing

September 2003
Glossy laser Text: This paper will make your laser printed catalogs look great and give your in house catalog printed leaflets and flyers professional look for fraction of the cost of having you small run document printed at a professional printing house.

July 2003
Metallic Transfer Foil Now besides our Gold color is now also available in SILVER, and this following Metallic colors, Green, Red, and Blue.

May 2003
Backlit film: 8.5X11 and 11 X 17 Turns regular photos into bright and lively display using this film and any light source behind the printed image. Made in USA

March 2003
Stained glass effect clear film: Self adhesive clear "hammered glass effect" inkjet film. Has clear liner and can be used without removing the liner if the adhesive is not needed. Great film for use where regular clear film is too transparent, or in other words because of the textured surface the image and letters printed on this media will show up better than on most other clear media. Made in USA by HPS
Gold and Silver: Our self-adhesive gold and silver polyester inkjet film is now offered with new improved coating that is high glossy. Coated in USA by HPS

Inkjet Galvanized Steel: Self adhesive polyester metallic film. It is metallic color with galvanized pattern. Ideal film to use when printing logos and text that will look modern and outstanding in the digital world. Don’t print your art always on the same media, try our new galvanized steel. Coated in USA by HPS

4 new holographic patterns. Stardust, Hyperplaid, Silver-Shine, and Glitter Coated in USA by HPS
Three new metallic foil transfer colors. Green Red and Silver. Same as our Gold transfer foil, used to transfer metallic foil effect to black letters/art that has been photocopied on to regular paper using either B/W copier or laser printer. See more about this media here in the back of this leaflet.

July 2002
Glow In The Dark self adhesive Inkjet self-adhesive media and soon also for Inkjet printers
Holographic laser film self adhesive for Laser printers.
NEW foil Media ans IT IS HERE; Gold Foil transfer foil.

June 2002
Glow In The Dark self adhesive Laser Labels
Holographic laser film self adhesive
Gold Transfer Foil

February 2002

Window Transparency self adhesive film.

The Window Transparency film is stiffer than the clear vinyl and has removable adhesive. It is also less "opaque" than the clear vinyl. It is easy to apply this film to glass without trapping any air bubbles.

Magnetic Film for inkjet

Clear Self-Adhesive vinyl film for Alps printers.

New January 2002
Poly Gloss Magnetic
Three new types of clear self-adhesive media for Xerox Phaser Dry Ink printers and Alps.
Die Cut Inkjet printable Magnetic Media 2" X 3.5" 10 per sheet; specify card type.
Cling tack for inkjet and laser ICT and CTM

December 2001
Cling/Tack Film for Inkjet
Cling/Tack Film for Laser Printers
Inkjet Cling/Tack

November 2001

Cling/Tack Film for Inkjet
Cling/Tack film is better than static cling as it will cling (stick) to almost any substrate and can be removed and reused.

September 2001
New unsupported transfer adhesive in 8.5" X 11" sheets

August 2001
Glossy Photo Film Click Here
The GLOSSY white magnetic film is now back

March 2000
Our NEW Amazing Clear Water Decal Paper for Inkjet Printers
UV Liquid Laminate Aerosol Can
UV Laminate Aerosol Can 12OZ. /463ML Item# LLA5000
Use this UV protective spray to laminate any Inkjet printed media including our Waterproof Vinyl.
Click Here for more info or to order

January 1999
New formula of the PAS/N. New soft decal paper for Laser Printers.

July 1995

The PAS/2 water slide decals in this photo from 1995 were printed on an Alps ribbon printer.
We still today 2013 make the PAS/2 paper as a special order item for the Alps Printers.

Image from 1995. papilio Decal Paper for Alps Printes

Papilio decal image from 1995.
New May 1995
PAS/2 New formula of recoated Papilio Aqua slide paper PAS now PAS/2 Used both laser printers and wax resin printers.

New May 1994

The Original PAS for Black and White Copier and PAS/2 paper made for the ALPS wax resin printers.

August 1993

Our first paper and film or decal paper production was a clear decal paper for  HP pen plotters and decal film for overglaze lusters used in the ceramic industry.


Almost all of the decal film and paper converted and coated in Texas by HPS LLC is manufactured in USA.  Water slide decal paper for computer printers has been made in USA by HPS LLC Texas since 1993. 


Most of the Papilio ™ decal paper and film offered here on this website is made in the USA by HPS LLC.

POLYFOCUS & PAPILIO are trademarks of HPS LLC


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