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Laminate Products

Papilio brand Laminate products featuring Polyfocus series

General Description:

Papilio offers Laminate products in the form of cold-peel sheets, or as a UV resistant aerosol spray. Laminates provide additional layers of UV resistance and weatherproofing and may be used to change the overall look of your completed design. Papilio cold laminate sheets are available with a Matte, Semi-Gloss (Satin) or High-Gloss finish and when applied to your project, will change the look accordingly. Need a matte image to be high-gloss? Try our Polyfocus Glossy material!

These sheets are larger than standard sheet size, at 9.25 inches by 12 inches, allowing some overlap to allow for proper application. If perhaps you'd rather not peel and stick to apply your laminate, our LLA5000 UV Resistant spray is a great alternative to cold-peel sheets. This aerosol will provide your image with all the same durability boosters you'd have in a laminate sheet, but with the convenience of a spray! Use in a well ventilated area.

UV film laminate (cold laminate) for digital printed images and artwork.